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Coaching Sessions

Wish you had someone to walk beside you in certain areas of your life? You can hire me as that person. Whether you’re more comfortable with the term mentor or coach, I can help you find answers you’re looking for.

Talking about coaching, here’s something to know: a coach isn’t a counselor or a consultant. A coach’s primary task is to ask the right questions so that you can find the answers yourself.  A good coach points out the turns in the road of your journey, encourages you to look at the whole picture, and helps you create your map so that you can figure out the best path to take so you end up where you want to be.


As a Life Coach

I have over twenty years of experience with helping people recognize what they need to get to where they want to be.  Working one-on-on with clients about a specific issue they are working through.  Whether you need help with home management, parenting, personality or your relationship, I will help you sort through the clutter, walk with you through the messy stuff until you are on the path you need want to be.  I’ll ask the right questions to give you the tools you need to recognize what you are doing and where you’re going.


The need to know

  • All coaching sessions are $75 for your first 60-minute session with me, and are done one-on-one via tele conference.  The session fee includes a pre-meeting questionnaire, a personalized game plan written by me for moving forward, and up to 15 minutes of feedback afterwards.


  • 45-minute follow-up sessions are $50 each and include continual follow-up written game plans and up to 15 minutes of feedback.


  • 20 minute mini sessions are $25 each and are for new clients so we can chit chat so I get to know you.


  • Payment is due in advance before meeting, and can be paid via PayPal or credit card.


  • All sessions are confidential.


  • ! am not a medical or legal professional, and my coaching sessions are not for the purpose of legal or medical advice or diagnosis.


  • Space is extremely limited, so apologies in advance for the potential waitlist.



Fill out the form below, and I’ll get to you as soon as I can. Clicking submit only indicates your interest, nor does it guarantee you a spot in my calendar. Thanks for understanding!



Certified ECE (Early Childhood Education) (nutrition, child abuse, psychology)

Certified Home Decorating/Staging (home decorating, decluttering, staging)

Personal Coaching for personality issues (perfectionism, self-esteem, control)